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Chromebook, Chrome Browser and Chrome OS

Tips, tricks, and how-to's pertaining to the Chrome ecosystem.

Tech Junkie
How to Check the Specs on Your Chromebook
Tech Junkie
How to Add Emoji's with the Chrome Browser
Tech Junkie
How to Use Skype on Chromebook/Chrome OS
Tech Junkie
How to Access iTunes From a Chromebook

Cloud Storage

Why Cloud Storage is a good idea.


Tips, tricks and ultimate guide about Google Chromecast.

Tech Junkie
Do You Need Internet for Chromecast to Work?
Tech Junkie
How to Play My Chromecast on an Xbox One
Tech Junkie
How to Extend Your Desktop with Chromecast
Tech Junkie
How to Watch Amazon Prime Video with Chromecast
Tech Junkie
How to Use Chromecast: The Ultimate Guide


CyanogenMod recommendations

Tech Junkie
How to Install GApps with CyanogenMod 13


iOS help and recommendations.

How to Use your iPhone as a Mobile Hotspot


Install Kodi add-ons, tips, tricks and how-to's.

Tech Junkie
How to Install the Exodus Add-on for Kodi
Tech Junkie
How to Install the Phoenix Add-on Kodi


Mac, macOS, tips, tricks and how-to posts.

Tech Junkie
How to Set Default Programs/Applications in macOS
Tech Junkie
How to Stream/Mirror Your MacBoook Air to Apple TV
Tech Junkie
How to Boot From a USB Stick on macOS


How-to's for Windows

Tech Junkie
How to Use Kik on Your Windows PC

Mobile Gaming

Pokemon Go tips and tricks.

Tech Junkie
How to Use Battery Saver Mode in Pokemon Go
Tech Junkie
How to Use Incense to Catch More Pokemon in Pokemon Go


Web and Mobile App Reviews

Tech Junkie
Best Twitter Desktop Client for Mac and Windows 2016
Tech Junkie
Telegram vs. WhatsApp - Which is Best for You?

Social Media

Social Media tips, tricks and how-to articles.

Tech Junkie
How to Download & Save Facebook Videos
Tech Junkie
100 Great Selfie Captions & Quotes to Engage Your Instagram Followers
Tech Junkie
How to Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently

Streaming Media

Streaming media devices, services and how-to's.

Tech Junkie
How to Clear the Cache for Apps on Your G-Box Q
Tech Junkie
How to Adjust Video Quality on Netflix
Tech Junkie
How to Watch Live TV on Your Apple TV
Tech Junkie
Amazon Customer Service - How to Get the Best support

Tech Articles

Tech Articles that have a personalized tone and engaging readability.

Technical writing

My technical writing contributions at Mozilla support and MDN.

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