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What to Expect from WordPress in 2017

WordPress is an amazingly multi-functioning content management system.  It pretty much comes ready to use right out of the box.  What should you expect in 2017?  WordPress expects things to get even better and so should you.  It’s going to be simpler for users and faster for developers.

Looking Back at 2016

In 2016 WordPress reached peak desktop use. The plugin directory also got a complete makeover.  These two factors alone are significant for WordPress.  This progress is just the beginning of what’s propelling the platform even further into the future.

The evolution of better support at becoming established and translation editors globally participating in the WordPress community has also had a positive impact.  It means that more people around the world can use WordPress.  That’s reflected in the 20% increase of plugin use.  If you’re a WordPress user, you already know plugins make things even better.

Moving Forward

The focus of WordPress in 2017 as Matt Mullenweg stated is going to be based on the user experience.  To do that the three largest factors getting the most attention are; getting the Rest API up to speed for everyone, making the WordPress editor the best worldwide and bringing the customizer to the forefront.

WordPress is now run fully on PHP 7.  What does this mean?  The WordPress sites using PHP 7 has doubled their performance and cut the load the server must carry in half.  Though WordPress still supports backward compatibility to PHP 5.24 and higher, the recommended PHP version is now PHP 7.   The goal of is for all to users to be running on PHP 7.  This allows them to get the best and most fulfilling experience from WordPress overall.

A new focus toward the mobile use of WordPress is emerging.  As I’ve mentioned desktop use reached its peak so, the primary way people are interacting with WordPress is changing.  More and more people are shifting to also using WordPress from Smartphones and mobile devices. has a commitment to giving its users more of what they want.  So, plan to see that unfold shortly.

WordPress 4.7 and Twenty Seventeen

With the release of WordPress 4.7 Vaughan, which is now readily available you can see that users are a key to its design.  The default theme, Twenty Seventeen is a beautiful and responsive one. Users get provided with everything they need.  It’s straightforward and powerful.  It’s geared for any business to set up and maintain without hassle.

You’ll still have the capability of using custom CSS in WordPress 4.7 with live previewing.  On top of that, it’ll work with Jetpack by default, no extra steps.  You’ll see PDF previews as you’re writing them so, no more excuses for grammar faux Paxus.  The ability for multiple user admin languages for all users on one site is also very monumental.


Another thing WordPress wants to bring into focus is Calypso plug-in awareness in 2017.  WordPress wants to merge Automattic plugins with the Calypso user interface like WooCommerce, Kismet, Jetpack and VaultPress.  This merges everything together without having to switch between interfaces.

WordPress Releases 2017

WordPress is also looking to fix existing functionality and bettering core performance.  So, before releasing a new version, it’ll have to be as bug-free as possible.  The design element is going to lead the way with user research guiding it before putting out any new releases on the WordPress platform.  There won’t scheduled releases of WordPress in 2017.


So, what should you expect from WordPress in 2017?  A more user-designed platform that makes it simpler for you to use and faster for developers that work on it.  An editor that’s looking to be the common example of what an editor should be since WordPress is used widely as a writing tool for a lot of us.  Also, last but not least a much-improved customizer that’s more flexible and intuitive to your needs.



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