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Using gaming as a stress reliever? It’s good for your brain too

I’ve had a love of playing video games since I was a kid.  It all started from my humble beginnings on a Coleco, handheld Quarterback.  Moreover, even now in adulthood, gaming is still a love of mine, and it is also an outlet for me.

 After a hard day working or raising my sometimes moody toddler, I reach for the game controller.  Then, I can let things go.  I find stress relief in completing missions while pulverizing zombies.  As well as strategically building a characters skill base in an action role-playing game.

Did you know? It’s not just a fun outlet for most of us, but we’re also becoming smarter in the long run.

Why video games are good for stress relief

  • You deal with your frustrations from the day through video game play
  • You also recover faster from daily stresses.  Now you’re ready for the upcoming challenges of tomorrow.

These are two of the top reasons I love to play my current go to game Dying Light.   It is my way of relieving stress and resetting my mind.  What happens?  The worries in my head become completely forgotten, at least temporarily.  I become mesmerized by the game and totally immersed in the fictional world of Harran.

I think playing video games has helped me in a variety of ways while dealing with real life situations.

How can video games help you in life?

  • You gain a higher level of learning skills which increases cognitive brain function
  • By Playing fast-paced video games, you can develop better task management skills
  • Increased ability to make better decisions sooner

I am mostly a first person shooter kind of gamer, but I do enjoy a good action role-player.  When you are playing in the fast-paced environment of an FPS, you develop fine-tuned decision-making skills.  You have to take action quickly without hesitating.

When playing in an action role-playing environment such as Diablo III, you need to level up your characters abilities.  This makes them the most efficient in their specialty area.  Making the responsibility for a character’s success or failure during combat yours.  You have to prioritize which skills to increase to get a character to his or her most powerful level rapidly.  Skill leveling leads to you making the best decision possible for your character in a fixed amount of time.

So, you see how gaming can be fun and also an outlet for relieving even the most stressful day?  And it’s using your brain power to boot.  Tha’s a definite plus.

I’m a professional freelance writer. I am also a mother, gamer, and a lover of technology. I specialize in tech writing, tech blogging and tech how-to articles. When not writing, you can find me geeking out, playing video games or spending time with my family.
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