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Some Essential Tools for Writing Success

As a writer, you probably have a particular preference for certain tools.  You use a word processing program, applications, spelling and grammar checkers, a note keeping tool and so forth.  The list could go on.  It all depends on your needs or obsession with staying organized, like some of us.  So, let’s look at some essential tools you can use for writing success.

I would rather type up a piece of writing in Microsoft Word and transfer it to WordPress or attach it to a client email.  As I gain more prospects for writing projects, I’m learning that each one has a unique way of collecting writing for submission.

On a side note.  I used to loathe having to use Microsoft Word in my youth to the point of wanting to punch it in the face.  I can’t believe it’s now my preferred word processor.  Word has definitely improved and become more user-friendly.  I know what the heck I’m doing with it now as a writer.  I’m not just turning in term papers for class anymore.  This is serious business, literally, I’m a writer.

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.  Here is a breakdown of go-to tools for writing.

The Tools

  • Microsoft Word – I already let you in on that one.  Another reason I prefer Word, besides all the built-in functionality and user features, is because I can use it in conjunction with One Drive, Microsoft’s cloud storage application.  This is great.  I can always access my documents with the App installed on whichever device I have on me.  I am not chained to a single device or platform to view or share my work.
  • Grammar and Spelling Checker(s) –  Yes I use more than one.  Why?  I’m ensuring that my writing has readability by a broad audience.   I need it to be Grammatically correct and on point.  I use the built-in spelling and grammar checker in Microsoft Word, as well as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor.  One thing I’ve noticed with Grammarly, it wants to put commas where they aren’t needed and continually tells me to use some crazy wording, which doesn’t even make sense in the context of my writing.  So be cautious with that one.  I love Hemmingway Editor to make sure my writing is easily read and digested.  I wish I’d started using it sooner!
  • Trello – I have been familiar with Trello for a while since Mozilla uses it to track and organize projects.  How do I know this tidbit of information?  I’m a Mozilla volunteer contributor.  That’s in fact where I heard about Trello.  Now I use it to track my writing projects.  I have my categories arranged like this; What’s written, what’s published, what client invoices were sent, invoices paid and my to-do writing topics.  I make a new board for each of my clients.  It makes it a heck of a lot easier to keep track of things, particularly when you have various clients you’re writing for.
  • Notes – This is handy when I need to record an idea about a writing topic, keep track of job details or make a list of questions for a job interview.  I copy and paste a job listing specifics in the Notes Application, either on my MacBook Air or on my iPhone, it all syncs together and I can access it quickly on the move.

Wrapping it up

Everyone has their choice of writing tools.  The main staples for writers that I’ve noticed are an excellent word processor and an accurate spelling and grammar checker.  Many writers use items mentioned in the top two bulleted list items.  As they should.  A dependable Word processor and proper spelling and grammar assistants should be at the top of the heap.  These are the must have writing tools in my book.  Especially if you classify as a writer or have intentions of being one.

What are your tools of the writing trade?  I’d love to hear what other writers use.  Heck, it may even lead me to another gem to add to my list.

I’m a professional freelance writer. I am also a mother, gamer, and a lover of technology. I specialize in tech writing, tech blogging and tech how-to articles. When not writing, you can find me geeking out, playing video games or spending time with my family.
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